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September 06, 2012

Cinnamon and Naartjie Carrot soup

(Thanks @chef_grl for inspiring me to write a post again, even if it's just a quickie with a phone snap. Hope you like the soup) 

End of term.
Fridge full of scraps
Lots of deadlines
No-one wants to leave the house to shop.
I scrounge around the cupboard and the fridge, and find

1 bag of carrots
half a thingy of cream

and that’s about it.
I have flour and yeast in the cupboard, a naartjie in the fruit bowl, and 6 hungry, busy mouths to feed.

It's not exactly rocket science...

Cinnamon and Naartjie Carrot Soup

1 leek (all I had, but I’m sure an onion will do great)
1 bag of carrots, peeled and chopped
abour 3- 4 cups water.
1 naartjie
1 spoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
125ml cream

Fry the leeks in hot oil
Bang in the carrots.
Add the water, and the whole naartjie. Cook until carrots are soft.
Remove the naartjie, let it cool a little then peel and add the segments to the soup.
Blend with a hand blender, add cream, cinnamon and sugar and season well with salt. Serve piping hot.

I made huge breadsticks to go with mine, (a basic 4 cup flour dough divided into six long breadsticks and baked), and we didn’t even need spoons.

Full bellies and happy hearts <3